Senior Product Designer

3 months ago

Who we are?

We’re looking for a Product Designer to join our small, select and passionate team. At Focused Labs, we are on a mission to deliver positive outcomes and help teams get to the cloud. We are dedicated to delivering products to market quickly that meet the business objectives and user needs of our clients. We work with a variety industries, collaborating as we get new products to market, modernizing legacy systems, or helping teams learn the skills they need to be successful.   

Our Values:

  • Listen first• We are experts in product practices but life long learners in the domain of our customers. We research, collaborate, and understand. 
  • Learn why • We ask questions and talk to users to understand problem spaces, objectives, and goals, which allows us to deeply invest and drive towards the outcomes of our clients. 
  • Love your craft• We love diving into a variety of domains and solving problems.  We take pride in delivering value, in communicating progress, and guiding our clients to success.

What would you be doing?

  • Balance user needs, technical constraints, and business objectives to solve problems effectively
  • Create design deliverables that define products including sketches, workflows, wireframes, prototypes and high fidelity visuals
  • Conduct and manage user research, including usability testing and user interviews to validate designs, and collect feedback for improving the user experience
  • Create high fidelity visual designs
  • Lead the design process, from early discovery and research to testing and implementation
  • Guide clients through the agile design and development process
  • Facilitate client demos, weekly planning meetings, and other team touchpoints
  • Run workshops for clients, including project scopings and project kick-offs
  • Collaborate closely with customers to solve problems that are core to their business and build impactful products
  • Work with the product manager to manage and prioritize a backlog that keeps the team on track, delivering value towards a client’s vision
  • Collaborate with developers, product managers, and clients to determine priorities and best next steps
  • Help define and improve who we are as a company and a team

If you had worked at Focused Labs over the last 3 months you may have:

  • Designed app icons for two apps being launched to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store
  • Conducted research and testing for a new Membership sign up flow, first using prototypes, and then using software during an early release 
  • Paired with engineers and the product manager to determine next steps and priorities
  • Helped our company create a new internal wiki
  • Contributed to shaping our company’s holiday leave policy

Why are we excited about you?

  • You are open to feedback and know how to give and receive criticism 
  • You break down design problems into actionable and clear steps
  • You stay up to date with the latest research, UX, and visual design trends
  • You have experience crafting designs that match the lean startup and agile development processes
  • You can quickly dive into a problem space, assess the situation, understand goals and drive towards productive outcomes  
  • You don’t just build what clients ask for - you dive into a space, understand the business objectives, and propose solutions that best solve the problems at hand

  • You are a pro when it comes to working with lean, agile, and user centered design methodologies
  • You recognize that design is more than just pushing pixels around a screen; it’s about solving problems
  • You bring empathy, humility and a learning mindset to everything you do


  • Competitive compensation and pay
  • Health, Dental, and Vision benefits
  • 401k and matching contributions
  • Maternity/Paternity leave
  • Focused hours
  • Competitive PTO policy

What to know before you apply: 

  • Fo

    cused Labs is open to remote employees and all of our teams, regardless of location, work around the core hours of 7:30 - 4:30 MST. 

  • Focused Labs is unable to sponsor or take over sponsorship of the employment Visa process at this time.

We believe employees should be paid fairly and equitably. Salary ranges may vary depending on your location and previous experience. The Denver salary range for this role is: $90,000 - $150,000.


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